Antonio Di Marcello

Antonio Di Marcello, the founder and CEO of Vinton Centre Carpets arrived from Italy at the age of 14 and by the time he was 18 he was a proud Canadian homeowner. He started as a general contractor in 1973 and until 1984 he built many Condos, Estate Homes and Commercial Buildings gathering invaluable working experience which included land development. Knowing the needs of the building industry he quickly realized that there was a niche to be filled and had the foresight to become a dealer of floor coverings, launching in 1979 what is now known as Vinton Centre Carpets. As founder and CEO, Antonio feels that our quality, service and reputation are considered some of our strongest attributes. As well, knowledgeable and professional staff is recognized as one of our finest service characteristics. These beliefs and values have been followed by his son, Paul and embraced by the entire Vinton Centre Carpets organization.

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