Antonio Di Marcello

Paul Di Marcello began his journey in the flooring industry with Vinton Centre Carpets at the age of 16.  While attending high school, he assisted the carpet and vinyl installers as a part time job.  Upon graduation, Paul pursued his artistic side by attending the graphic design program at NAIT but found that he was not challenged.  He then went back to flooring in another capacity working up to a warehouse assistant as he pondered possible career paths. An opportunity presented itself and Paul soon became warehouse manager. Over the next 2 1/2 years, he applied his newly acquired industry knowledge, and took a progression into sales.  This was a natural fit for him with his warm character and outgoing personality.  At this time, it was clear that his career path was right in front of him… Flooring!  Since sales, Paul has been working closely with the Founder and CEO of Vinton Centre Carpets, Antonio Di Marcello, who is also his father. Since 2001, Paul absorbed as much information from his father as he could and still continues to learn what is involved in maintaining a successful business.  Paul is extremely proud to be the second generation of a family owned company.  He is looking forward to taking Vinton Centre Carpets in new and exciting directions with the assistance of the amazing support staff and continuing guidance and mentoring from his father.

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